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Femap in maritime – part 1

Overcoming engineering challenges in the maritime and offshore industry with Femap

Did you know that FEA has been used in the maritime industry since the late 1950s? Not surprisingly for an industry that always seems in motion. Successful engineering companies in this industry are those that adequately execute their assignments whilst dealing with lots of uncertainty. In this post we’d like to share how Femap has tended to the challenges in the maritime industry. We’ll share some practical examples in future posts, so keep an eye out for them.


Challenges in the industry

Engineers in the maritime, offshore and shipbuilding industry have achieved tremendous engineering accomplishments. We cover three main challenges they face that also act as business drivers in the industry.

1.    Time to market    

In this industry, lots of projects are dependent on the current oil and gas prices. These prices fluctuate constantly; a decline has large impact on projects and could mean loss of profits. For this reason engineering teams need to act quickly when developing new products and they need to come up with solid solutions fast. That’s why engineers in this field employ tools that speed up the product development significantly and are easy and thus quick to learn. Femap is an industry standard because it has the reputation of producing accurate results in a relative easy way.

2.       Safety and performance

Since the safety of personnel, environment and the public are top priority, every engineer in this industry knows international standards are really important. Engineers face the challenge of having to meet many standards, without compromising on performance. When it comes to validating and verifying designs, Femap is instrumental in proving compliance with norms from classification societies.

3.       Less resources

This industry faces less resources due to shrinking defence budget, capital investments, high market volatility and  the emergence of low cost competition. At the same time it’s not an option to compromise on quality due to the high safety standards. This forces engineers in the maritime and offshore sector to look for effective ways to lower design, production, and operational costs. Femap reduces the need for physical testing and is instrumental in realising productivity gains.

Explore Femap

Femap has been used in the maritime and offshore industry for a long time, and is an industry standard with good reason. It’s one of the most popular pre- and postprocessors available due to its trustworthiness, ease of use and CAD and solver neutrality. If you are considering Femap for your projects, big chance that your customers and suppliers are already familiar with the software. If you’re interested in Femap’s capabilities, check out our product page.

Did we cover your challenges in this post well? What other challenges do you face? Let us know and let’s connect on linkedin, twitter or facebook.

August 28, 2019
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